Sunday, July 30, 2006

All Smiles...

because we have had a lovely day today.

We woke up not knowing what the day was going to have in store for us. The weather couldn't make up it's mind if it was going to rain or shine, and we didn't know what to do with ourselves.

I took the girls and Callum to church this morning. The childrens' groups have ceased for the summer holidays, so they have a shortened family service instead. We sang some of my favourite worship songs today, so I'm a happy bunny. I love having a good sing song and jiggle :-)

We came home and thought we were home for the day, but instead we decided to go and do a bit of furniture browsing. We visited Furniture Village and MFI but nothing took our fancy, so we headed for home...stopping at Pizza Hut on the way :-D Yummy lunch, served by a lovely young lad who did everything he could to ensure we had a pleasant meal. Full marks.

Popped into PC World but bought nothing, then visited the pet-shop to plan for our new puppy purchase. We are all very excited here at having a new member of the family, we have waited a long time! I have bought the children a couple of books about puppy care to give them an idea of what's involved.

Since returning home we have watched the programme about Great White Sharks in UK waters which was interesting viewing, and I have been tweaking my Egg-Craft Website.

Thought I would finish with a few photos taken this week...

My Gorgeous Boys:

My Little Man:

The Twins Egg Cradle Card (not complete as I'm waiting for personalisation details):

Cradle Close-Up:

The "Twins" Sleeping Soundly:

Just to leave you all smiling, here are a couple of piccies of Joseph, getting stuck when his chair broke...

Stop giggling!


  1. I'm really excited for you, lovely to read about preperations for your new house and getting a new puppy.

  2. LOl at Joseph in the chair. What a lovely family you have, such gorgeous children. Thanks for commenting on my blog btw.