Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Beautiful sunshine...

so the kids have spent much of their time outside again. Today they had the big craft box out there so the garden looks likes the fairies have partied in it. There is glitter glue and sequins all up the path and on the leaves lol. They have also taken photos of each other, and made a few short films. We must upgrade our video camera at some point so we can start keeping what they make.

I meanwhile went into town to post an ebay parcel, and bought a spelling game which took my eye as I passed one of the charity shops. Tiegan has happily played with it this afternoon, so I think my 75p was well spent.

Callum had an unusually long nap this afternoon so I took the opportunity to do some egg cards. I wanted to finish the twin card order yesterday, but I had the mother of all migraines, including sickness and could do little more than curl up on the sofa. I did get lots of sympathy from the children though, they are always really concerned when they hear me chucking up in the toilet (yuk). No sympathy from DH though, I am guessing he has seen it so often he has become hardened to my suffering.

What else....

Oh yeah, my brother phoned. All is sorted with the house and he is hoping to sign the contracts before he returns to the rig on August 1st. He said that I can go and pick up the keys from the agents on the arranged day, as he will be away. That will be weird, almost like getting the keys to our own home but without the financial commitment lol. He is buying the house next door (have I mentioned that before?) too, and has found tenants for it already so he is happy :-D


  1. sounds like a lovely kind of day - glad to here all is going smoothly with the house :) Cx

  2. Oh no, not another migraine hun :-(
    The weather certainly doesn't help. I've become a bit of a hermit, not venturing out in it too much for fear of a migraine. Hope you're feeling better now. Looking forward to seeing you very soon. x

  3. Thanks Caroline :-)

    Emma, yes I'm afraid so. Got it whilst sitting in the car waiting for dh to sort out a new tyre at the garage. Drove home with a killer headache, but then started to get the visuals and sickness when home. Feeling fine again now though and looking forward to seeing you all :-)