Friday, July 21, 2006


I have really enjoyed today. The weather has been nice and hot, but not too hot, and much of our time has been spent in the garden.

The eldest three children played hopscotch...

Made a gorgeous trifle...

And painted each others faces. I particular liked this toothless tiger *grin*

Callum meanwhile had a lovely game of Peekaboo..

Now you see me...

Now you don't...

Here I am!

And enjoyed a manicure, courtesy of his dad...

Callum is getting more grown up by the day it seems. He is starting to develop sounds which could be attempts at words, including a very convincing "look" whilst pointing to something, and "Wow!" I'd forgotten how fascinating and special the speech development stage is.

Chelsea has done a bit of work for her Victorian project, and we all snuggled up on the sofa to read "Danny, Champion of the World" which is one of the few Roald Dahl books that none of us have read yet.

I have had a few lovely email chats with friends and upon reflection, I have an awful lot to be thankful for. Friends that care about me, and beautiful children to cherish and love. Remind me of that when I'm whinging please :-D


  1. That looks like such a lovely day. More great photos :-)
    A spotted Tiegan's dress and was delighted that they've got the same one, lol.

    As for the trifle - Oh, yummy!!!
    I've decided to make one soon now as it looks so scrumptious :-)

  2. lovely to see you back here , and lovely to see your pics :)
    mmmmm I can feel a trifle comig on too lol xxxx
    Glad you're back , life feels more normal now I can pop in and see you :)

  3. Good to see you back,can't believe how much Callum has grown!x.

  4. Scrumptious pics Jules! And I love your new colour scheme blog:)

  5. Thanks for the welcome backs and other comments :-)
    I can confirm that the trifle was indeed yummy!