Thursday, July 20, 2006


We have had a lovely day today. Sounds weird because we haven't done anything special, just trawled around a few shops looking at things for the new house. The house-purchase is progressing well and an end is almost in sight! Still haven't got a confirmed moving date though, but it's nice to know we are getting there.

We went to Trago Mills and checked out a few items, including mirrors. rugs, and lighting possibilities. Whilst there we headed up to the animal section and fed the ducks and got attacked (well almost!) by the geese. We had lunch outside which was lovely if a little hot, before heading back to the car and making our way to Homebase and Homemaker where we added a few more items to our list of wants, including cushions and garden furniture. We are planning on going back at the weekend to start buying things....that's scary! :-D


  1. Ooh..all these home furnishings sound fab :-)

    Enjoy your trip back. x

  2. isn't it exciting, hope it all goes through soon

  3. Very exciting debbie :-) Emma, we still haven't gone back yet! I'm kinda thinking we may wait until we've moved to decide what we want now lol.