Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Chelsea had stayed the night over at my parents house, so we were down to just three children. Really strange how the whole dynamics of the family change when one member is missing.

We had people viewing the house just before lunchtime so had to tidy up somewhat. We decided to do it first thing in the morning before we got baked in the heat of the day. The potential purchasers didn't give anything away regarding their interest or lack of it, only time will tell.

At around 4pm-ish we headed into town to buy food for a BBQ on the beach. I went to pick up Chelsea from my parents and met dh back on the beach. A good time was head by all I think. Chelsea and Joseph enjoying the sea, Tiegan enjoying the food, and Callum enjoying the sand. Sadly both playing with it and eating it!

A few piccies of our day...

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