Wednesday, July 19, 2006


We were planning on spending the day at home today, but after my brother visited and told us that he had had a bit of a fall out with my mum, I decided I should go and pick up the pieces knowing how upset she would be.

That just about sums up the day really, family time. Morning was spent spending time with my brother. This house-buying situ has bought us much closer together and we are actually *talking* to one another, I'm hoping that our relationship has developed far enough to continue thriving now. I would hate things to go back to the way they were. We sat and chatted about plans for the house and I had many things to smile about that I won't blog here.

This afternoon was spent at my parents house, discussing the argument, and trying to play peacemaker. I also helped my dad sort out a couple of things on his computer, and we al generally enjoyed a good natter over a few cold drinks!

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