Monday, July 24, 2006

The Weekend...

Passed in a flurry of activity, is it over already?

We didn't go anywhere on Saturday (feeling really constricted by the car being the way it is), but enjoyed family time anyway. The kids have certainly made the most of the good weather and spent much of their time in the garden. It will be so lovely when we move as we will have a huge garden for them to play in. We have been looking at all of the outdoor toys that we have always had to ignore whilst living here as we haven't had the room for them. Who knows, we may even treat ourselves to one of those large trampolines at some point.

My dad came over in the morning bearing gifts :-) He had been to Morrisons supermarket and bought back the special offer treats. I love my dad. We had planned on visiting my parents in the afternoon, but they had decided to go out, so that scuppered that idea somewhat.

On to Sunday, and we went to church in the morning. Callum loves going there, he wanders around all over the place making new friends. I am really going to miss it when we move and just hope that we are able to find somewhere else so friendly, welcoming and accepting. We were treated to a presentation by visiting guest speakers from MAF. Two of the speakers were pilots (husband and wife) and it was fascinating to hear the trials that they have to go through to achieve their goals and get to their destinations. It is extremely dangerous work, and I am in awe of their commitment to the cause. On a lighter note, it was also lovely to hear of their adoption of two children from an orphanage in Uganda, and it was lovely to see the joy on the children's faces as they danced around during the singing time. How their lives have been transformed.

Sunday afternoon was soon with us and we headed over for that visit to my parents house. We stayed there for an hour or so and said our goodbyes. They are starting their journey to Germany today, and won't be returning until September! I'm sure they have done it to get out of the work involved in the house move lol. It will be weird being in a different house on their return, one that they haven't even seen the inside of. Upon saying all that though, we haven't yet got a moving date, so we may still be here in this place!

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