Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All change....

We are now back to the original plan, which is moving to the new house on Saturday. I am probably tempting fate by writing this, but wanted to update you and say thanks to those that have offered help and support.

We went to bed last night thinking of tents and storage facilities, but this morning I got an email from my brother saying things had been sorted and the original dates for moving still stood. I am yet to speak to my brother personally as he is flying home today, but will know more when I do. Hopefully that is the end of it and everything will run smoothly now.

Funny thing is, we really weren't stressing about staying in a tent, we just saw it as another small hiccup in the grand scheme of things and nothing to worry about. We are a happy and healthy family, and so are truly blessed.


  1. Thats great news. Hope it all goes well.x

  2. Anonymous8:50 am

    Horray for kinks sorting themselves out, the tent sounded like fun though. Hope all goes well with the move.

  3. Glad to here things are going in the right direction again. Lets hope for no more hiccups and that everything ends up where it's meant to be. :~)

    All the best