Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All good fun....

We received news this afternoon at 4.30pm that there is a hiccup in the house buying process and it will no longer be completed today. Hmm, so we won't be getting the keys on Thursday, nor we will be moving in on Saturday. Joy. However, we WILL be moving out of here on Saturday and more than likely staying in a tent for a while until it is all sorted. Furniture etc will be put in storage. What fun! Still smiling though, things could be worse.

Apologies to those who have emailed and not received a reply as yet. I will try to get around to mailing you back, but as I'm sure you can understand I'm a little snowed under right now trying to sort things out.


  1. Oh no! You do sound calm tho. I would be tearing my hair out. I hope it is sorted asap.

  2. That really is pants! Thinking of you lots - I hope the weather is good for you while you're camping out :)

  3. Hope it gets sorted out quickly. Good Luck! x