Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Out and About

We went to Exeter today to buy new things for the house. Went on the train, and it was a bargain! £6.00 for all of us (includng dh!) return, much cheaper than petrol and parking costs. If anyone local is reading this and interested, we asked for a Group 4 ticket which is offered by Great Western.

We bought lamps, table mats, a few throws to protect the dining chairs from children's eating habits (bargain at £2.00 from Primark!), and new glasses. It's nice to buy all these little fiddly things, makes up for not buying the bigger things like curtains etc which will have to wait until we are able to have a measuring session.

As far as I know the house move is still set for September 2nd/3rd. All very exciting now. We had viewers for this place last Thursday, Friday (unplanned), Saturday, Monday, and today. I am so looking forward to leaving all that behind us, and having the luxury of hot water!!! Can't wait for that one.

Card-making wise, I have been flooded with orders. I've got another 2 to make tonight, and more for next week. Quite surprised at how well things are going actually, just through word of mouth, no advertising.


  1. Thanks for adding the link Jules :) My SIL is being induced on Saturday and our whole family is awaiting news of this long prayed-for baby. So I think I might be ordering from you soon! It's doubtful that we will be able to visit them, so I want to send a really special gift :)

  2. The cards are fabulous aren't they Caroline?
    Having been honoured to receive one myself, I can completely vouch for how stunning they are.

    Sounds like another good shopping trip Jules :-)

  3. So glad I've found your blog again, I couldn't find you on the ring hub. Had a quick scoot through and saw your bit about Trago Mills. We spent practically a whole day there couple of years back when on holiday close by! Loved it. Glad everything's moving along with your house move, how exciting for you all, not long now! Elle at EFT