Tuesday, August 08, 2006


We have started packing now, just a few boxes but it's a relief to have got it started. Not a job I relish the thought of, but at least it will mean a mass-clearout which has been long overdue in this household!

Things are going well for us at the moment. Plenty of outdoor time for the children and they have been busy naming the creatures they find in the garden. I am now a proud member of "Fun School" which has been created by the children, fun and laughter is on the curriculum and it is rather interesting to see how they think a school should be ran. They have listed rules and punishments, which include how much chocolate and cakes we are allowed each week. Rather entertaining *grin*.
We have been trying to think of ways to cut back on our expenditure, so we are going to sacrifice SKY TV. It will be weird going back to just the 4 channels (we can't get channel 5 here) but it will save us money so it has to be done. I haven't been watching a great deal of TV of late anyway, preferring to read and craft (though not at the same time) so who knows, there may well be a time when we can do without TV altogether and save on the licence fee too!

My egg-cards are doing okay, I have had another 2 orders today so I'm smiling. Who'd have thought my creations would be in demand. Most peculiar!

Tomorrow is my birthday (boohoo!) and I have been given the choice of what to do. Should
I ...
a) Take a picnic and go up to the forest?
b) Go to KFC, get a bargain bucket and take it down the Quay?

Hmm, I will have to give that some thought...

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  1. Wot, not even Freeview?!!

    You'll never cope without your regular fix of 'Most Haunted' you know! ;-)

    Hope the Funschool is still fun. My lot want to attend! Is there room for three more? ;-)