Saturday, August 05, 2006

Still ticking along nicely...

Not doing anything special, but it always seems like a lot is going on in the household. This week has included candle-making, microscope using, insect finding, habitat exploring, reading, role-playing, French speaking, TV watching, Game console playing, Board Game playing, letter writing, club building, bird watching, and goodness knows what else! The children have been really keeping themselves occupied throughout the nice weather, but it was their choice so I just left them to it :-)

I meanwhile have completed a couple of orders, this was for a first birthday keepsake card.

This one was for a wedding celebration.

Other than the cardmaking, I have been revamping my website somewhat and generally doing the behind the scenes work. I'm thoroughly enjoying doing *something* else aside from being a mum and home-edding.

We have had two viewing this morning, and are expecting another on Monday. I am finding them really tedious inconveniences now but keep telling myself that it will all be history come September. How exciting is that?! Finally, a place where I can leave all my craft stuff out (I'm a messy worker lol) and not have to clear it away so that we can use the table/see the table/locate the table. Bliss.


  1. Sounds like a good week Jules. The candle-making sounds fun. I've considered doing it with the children, but I think we'd end up hoarding all the candles as they wouldn't want to burn them, lol!

    More stunning cards. I do love that transfer on the wedding one :-)

  2. wow you clever thing you - what a busy week , did they want to buy the house I wonder ,, hope it all goes well for you.

    it all sounds exciting xx