Saturday, August 12, 2006


Yesterday we trundled over to Emma's house for a playdate. When I say trundled, that is meant to be taken literally as we walked. For the full hour and a half there, and the same on the return leg. Plenty of fresh air and conversation was enjoyed, Joseph liked it so much he has asked when we are doing it again. The girls are a little less enthusiastic for a repeat performance though.

Spending time with Emma and crew was lovely as per usual. We are very privilaged to have such people in our lives.

I have been married for 11 years today! Goodness how time flies! We have spent the day waiting in for house viewers (they were an hour late, the agent was even later!) and we have taken the children to the park for a bike riding session. Chelsea and Joseph are very confident in their riding skills now, but we have just taken the stabilisers off Tiegan's bike and let her have her first attempts at riding unaided. I don't think it will take her long to master it, and she loves trying so I think half the battle is already won.


  1. Aw hunny it was a pleasure to have you all, as always :-D
    Still think you were complete loonies walking all that way though!

    Having the viewing running late wasn't what you needed but at least you can begin counting down the days until the move now.

    Well done to Tiegan for her bike-riding! We go so infrequently that R still has his stabilisers, although a trip to the rugby club carpark is due. (Which is where DH got C cycling properly).

    Hope the viewing on Monday goes better....

  2. learning how to ride bikes always sticks in the memory doesn't it , sunny days and how you first did it alone - the kids get so thrilled don't they.


  3. Happy anniversary! Hope things improve on the house viewing front.

  4. belate Happy Anniversary! We are coming up 11 years too in a couple of weeks!

  5. Jules - you need a link to your card website on ride sidebar - what is it's address? I'd like to go take a look :)