Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We have given our notice to the landlord. We typed it on Monday but didn't dare post it until all was confirmed with my brother on Tuesday. Had a chat with my him when taking him to pick up his hire car in Exeter, and was given the go-ahead to give our notice. Letter got posted with a signing request to ensure we would know it was received. Well today we got a phone call from our landlady whilst we were out. She left a message on our machine wishing us well and thanking us for being such great tenants! Have to admit we were very surprised by her response, but I have been grinning all day because of it :-)

We have had a phone call from one of the landlords estate agents today saying that the viewers that came yesterday are interested in the property and would like a second viewing. Obviously the perfect scenario is that these people buy the place and then we are all happy!

Not a great deal else going on. I have been busy with card orders which is great. I'm trying to get as many done as possible before we have to pack everything up for the move.


  1. Brilliant news! Glad all is going well. We discovered this week that our estate agent had been lying to us - the guy they said was buying the house 3 weeks ago claims now that he never said he'd buy it! So, new estate agent signed up today and hopefully a new buyer on its way!

  2. So happy for you Jules :-)
    That was a nice message from the landlady. She's been fortunate to have had such good tenants for all these years, so she shouldn't have said anything else anyway.
    Is your smile hurting your face yet? lol. x

  3. Brill - really pleased for you :)