Saturday, September 23, 2006

All back together again...

and it feels so much better. So lovely to have Chelsea and Joseph back home again, and hear all their tales of their first experience of London. Chelsea took some photos, so I will share a few with you here:
They went on the London Eye...


And had drinks in cafes.

They visited the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. They recognised lots of places like the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Nelsons Column, China Town and Downing Street. It sounds like they had an amazingly exciting time, but they were sad not to have got the chance to visit any museums so we are just going to have to ensure we visit soon aren't we? *grin*

As well as waiting for them to return home, I have had a busy day sorting out the "school" stuff. I am trying a different filing system, in the hope of being better organised. I am also going to try giving the children their own box with their own resources in it, such as pens, rulers, pencils etc. It seems half of our time is spent looking for the right pen/pencil/ruler/rubber/sharpener etc, I figure (probably naively) that if everything is to hand and they have their own preferences, that time wasting should be lessened, right? Hmm, we'll see.

I've got to go through all of the workbooks we have and see if we need updated ones yet. We only really use workbooks for Maths, and that is only occasionally, but I do like something "on hand" in case we are struggling.

We are picking up a set of cheap shelves tomorrow from Argos which will help enormously with the storage problems in the downstairs room. How on earth did we ever fit everything we had in our old tiny house I'll never know. This one is so much larger but I'm still struggling! Still, with a few more storage solutions in place (once our finances are a little healthier) we will have the place looking neat and tidy once again. Nah, who am I kidding!?!

Tiegan has spent much of her day out with my brother being spoilt rotten. She came home grinning from ear to ear after being taken out for lunch. Bless her, she seems so grown up these days. When Chelsea and Joseph came home, she couldn't wait to tell them all about her playground find, and they begged her to show them. We gave in and walked around there which was lovely as the evening was so warm. Now Tiegan can't wait to show her "Bestest friend A" so I'm sorry Emma, you are all going to have to come and see the playground one day soon.

Chinese takeaway to finish off the day just nicely. I blame the lack of cooker for our sloppy eating recently. Should really do something about getting a new one....

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  1. What fabulous photos - you were so lucky weatherwise (it was misty when we went). Like the new look blog by the way! Elle