Monday, September 25, 2006

All ready and set to go

I'm feeling very chuffed with myself because we now have a school/craft room ready for use :-) We are starting our "term" tomorrow, and I am stupidly excited about getting back into our routine and spending more time with the children. I have really mixed their interaction during our busy moving experience.

Today has been a happy one. We set off first thing to Joseph's Speech Therapy session. We got there far too early, so decided to hang around at my parents house for a little while as they live very close to the hospital. It was nice to chat and natter about all things housewifey, such stocking up the freezer with home-made meals, something which I'm ashamed to admit I've never done before. I really want to be organised and thought if I spend a couple of days making food to freeze, on our busy days cooking will be one less thing to worry about. Best made plans and all that, it will be interesting to see how that one goes!

Speech Therapy was excellent, despite us leaving Joe's worksheets on the Dining Room table at home. Doh! He had an assessment to see where he was at, and he has improved immensely so I was thrilled, as was he. He has now only got one more sound to crack, the "L" sound which will be tremendously hard for him, but he is committed to conquering it. I don't think I've seen him so passionate about doing something for a long while, but feel he is at the age now where he has got to want to achieve something, it is useless for me to be doing all the wanting.

We went back to my parents house and stayed for lunch, before heading to the Supermarket and then home. My brother came to visit and took Tiegan out for an hour or so, whilst I did a bit of chart producing for my home-ed records, and planned out a very basic timetable of how I see the days progressing. I'm not one for rigidly sticking to timetables, but I do like to be able to refer to one when and if necessary to give me that little nudge to continue doing something and not take the easier route of allowing the children extra free-time (read as Chelsea more than likely reading; that's fine. Joseph definitely playing on the Playstation; that's not so fine!)

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  1. Hello Jules,
    and thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blogg.
    We all have our little or larger struggles...but I was inspired by your blogg's soundtrack! I was surprised, too, didn't know where this beautiful music came from! So, we keep going!
    It is true that a little organising goes a long way. It is not an indulgence to sit down with a cup of tea (or hot chocolate for that matter!) and plan your week ahead. (I am only just learning this, so excuse my newly convert's enthusiasm!) Children,too, appreciate the sense of structure in their lives. It is like with their favorite story: they want us to read it to them again and again , not only because they like it, but because it gives them a sense of security, the assurance that everything is going to be as it is supposed to be.
    Best wishes for your little one. She seems a strong and determined soul, and with Gods' help and your own gentle hand, she is going to become her very best.

    Warmest autumn regards,