Tuesday, September 19, 2006


My brother came around this morning and has arranged for someone to come and measure up for the laminate flooring this evening. That will be the completing touch to the lounge, so we can order our new lounge suite (thanks to mum and dad who are paying for it :-D) It will be bliss having somewhere to relax at the end of the day. At the moment we just have our old dining room chairs in the living room, so no comfy chill out space. On the upside though, it does mean that I don't waste my evening watching TV and falling asleep on the sofa!

I have spent much of the day cleaning the kitchen. It has been lovely being able to talk to and generally be around the children again and Callum in particular has benefitted by being able to have lots of cuddles and attention (as opposed to being kept away from where we were painting which made him feel a little neglected).

Yesterday I managed to clear up the school / craft room, so that is in a useable condition. We still need more shelving and storage, but I am looking forward to getting down there and starting our planned "work". We have chosen the English Civil War, and a topic about Russia to get us started. I've just got a few more painting jobs to do before I feel able to restart our normal routine. The house still feels as if there is too much to do to be able to sit down "and educate". Besides, the kids aren't doing too bad a job on their own. Lots of computer research stuff going on with Chelsea, and Joseph has been reading History books each night before bed. There has been loads of role-playing stuff going on too, which I always enjoy listening secretly to. As I type, Chelsea and Tiegan are playing a lovely game of Doctors, full of writing down case histories and other such delights.


  1. OOh new sofa. Pleas post piccies. I'm so nosey :P

  2. I will be sure to post a picture when we find what we want! :-)