Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First "proper" visitor award goes to....

Sarah. Apart from my parents, my brother (obviously!), and various tradespeople, Sarah was the first "guest" to be given a guided tour around Pollard Palace :-) It was lovely to sit and chat, and catch up on the of goings on in someone else's life. Equally lovely was being able to move around freely due to the larger nature of this house, compared with the tiny box-like thing we had before.

Now I am sat here with 2 less children than normal which feels very strange. Chelsea and Joseph have both gone to my parents house in preparation for leaving for London tomorrow. They are both very excited of course, and not missing me at all, I hope the weather stays dry for them and they get all they can out of their few days away. I, of course, are missing them both dreadfully already and wondering what I can do with Tiegan and Callum to fill our days and ensure time passes quickly. Maybe a shopping trip is in order? I have £70 worth of Argos vouchers which are crying out to be spent.


  1. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Oh I do like you new template.I am so pleased you are enjoying your new house.

  2. Whatever you do while the big kids are away, don't blog about it, otherwise it won't be a 'secret thing'!

    Lovely to see your house and all of you too :)

  3. oooh you've changed blog as well as house :) very nice - I didn't recognise you at first when I first came on lol
    enjoy your spending spree if you go - me I hate shopping - checouts make me panic!


  4. Anonymous8:13 am

    Ooh , I like your new template too. Glad your settling in ok, enjoy the shopping spree.

  5. Thought it was about time I changed templates. I get bored so easily lol.