Monday, September 18, 2006

Getting there....

Decorating is almost complete, having done the 3 bedrooms, the lounge (almost!!), the landing/stairs/hallway, and half way through the kitchen. I was up until 3am painting the kitchen trying to make the most of the children not being around. The poor mites will be hearing "MIND THE PAINT!!" in their sleep I'm sure.

My brother has just been around with a decorator who is going to do the dining room for us, so then we just have the playroom, and school/craft room to do which will both get done at leisure. As long as they are clean, that is my priority.

We are having a "rest" day today, as my parents are not coming over. I have emptied a few more boxes so feel chuffed with that, and we are starting to see the finished article. Still no curtains, and we are waiting for laminate flooring to be fitted downstairs so are walking on bare floorboards, but we are finally feeling that we are nearing the end, and that feels soooo good! Curtains will have to wait a touch longer though as money is really tight and we found out today that our Gas Cooker can't be fitted here due to safety issues, so we need to look for an electric one instead.

Home Ed wise, well certainly lots of discussion and reading going on, but not a huge amount of anything else. Chelsea has been Hama Beading, and Joseph has been playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire on the Playstation, so maybe they pass as educational activities? On Thursday Chelsea and Joseph are heading off to London for a few days with my parents, so that will be educational. Lots of museum visits are planned, and a trip to the Palace amongst other places, so I can relax for the week knowing they will learn *something* :-D


  1. Glad the move went well! All's well that ends well!
    Keep going!

  2. Wow, super speedy decorator! Want to come over and do mine? We've been in our present home nearly 3 years and there's still so much that needs smartening up! Keep going - well done! Elle