Thursday, September 21, 2006

I love Planning :-)

It's been a lovely evening here. Tiegan has played happily on her Dora computer game, Callum has contentently played with whatever he has found on the floor (don't ask!) and I have been busy at the table planning our future studies.

I have decided we will look at the Civil War, (particularly Oliver Cromwell), study Dartmoor in more depth, and Chelsea has requested we look at Russia, past and present. I would also like to do a bit about the Weather, with the diverse weather conditions experienced recently to thank for that. This morning was beautiful bright sunshine, this afternoon has been Gale Force Winds. Tiegan was very bemused by it all and has asked a million and one why and how questions, so I think that is something we will look into now the interest has been sparked.

We have also had a lovely day, although Joseph and Chelsea have never been far from my mind. We went and had a wander around Exeter, and I bought a few bits and pieces for the house from Argos using the vouchers I had earnt from the National Shopping Monitor. It was lovely being able to divide my time between just 2 children though, and we seemed to be able to manage things so much quicker. Even simple tasks like leaving the house and loading into the car seemed much easier with fewer of us to hurry along. Made me realise how life would be if we were "normal" and the older 2 were at school *grin*. I don't think I would change our way of living though, I love having them around too much. It would have to be their choice to go, it wouldn't be mine.

Tomorrow I think we are having an at home day. I'm hoping to re-start my egg crafting, so maybe I will concentrate on organising that, plus doing a bit more research and planning. No doubt Tiegan will want to drag me to the library (which is literally a minute's walk away from our house). We have been there 6 times (in just over 2 weeks!) and Tiegan is already a firm favourite with the staff. Her love of books just oozes our of her and the librarians lap it up lol.

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