Friday, September 22, 2006

Look what we've found....

Just around the corner from us, well about 10-15 minutes walk away :-) It has a HUGE playing field, set out as football pitches, and then a little stream, and the playground. Tiegan and Callum had a great time playing on the equipment.

I just can't wait to see Joseph's face when he sees the footy pitches. I know his eyes will pop out of his head *grin*.

This morning we went to the library and Tiegan exchanged her books. She reminds me so much of Chelsea, very curious, studious, and a real booklover. Lee came with us to the library today, and commented on how nice it was, and how helpful the librarian was. Such a huge difference to our old local library, it is such a lovely change and a real bonus to have it so close to us. I can see us benefitting hugely by it's presence, and it's nice to have one so near that the older children can go alone to when they wish to.

I'm off in a little while down to my "craft room" to sort out a few things, alongside the school type stuff. Won't be long now until we are right back into the swing of things :-D


  1. Anonymous10:21 pm

    How lovely, it looks great there.

  2. welcome back :)

  3. Thanks Jax, feels good to be back :-)
    Angel, it is really nice, and such a surprise. We didn't know there was a park in the village, let along one so close!

  4. *let alone* even

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment Jules:o)
    God has really provided you with a home that's just right.Helps me to believe.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx