Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh well *shrug*

Frustratingly annoying day, when nothing seemed to go to plan.

We started off promisingly, with Bible reading and prayers. We then moved on to Maths work, looking at measurements and estimations. All good so far. Stopped for drink and biscuits whilst I read outloud, during which time I stupidly asked the children if they wanted to go to the library before doing any more "work". Obviously, yes was the reply, and we then spent the next two plus hours searching for a library book. Joseph had only borrowed two from the library, but managed to lose one of them. How? Anyway, it did mean that we could completely reorganise the books and shelves into some sort of workable order, but we still haven't found the book. Grrr.

During the search, my brother turned up, stayed, and went again. Then my parents visited, stayed, and went again. Then my brother returned, and went again. Total waste of an afternoon, and a totally different afternoon to the one I had planned. Never mind, always tomorrow.

I renewed the missing library book online, and we headed to the library without it. Well, some of us did. Joseph was too busy playing with the newly acquired next-doors kitten so he asked me to get him a book on football and one on Oliver Cromwell. Tiegan changed her books, and Chelsea changed hers. Callum had a great time colouring, then just playing with the tin of crayons. How come it's often the simple things that keep them amused? We went home and all got entertained by the kitten's antics, so much so that Lee finally agreed we could get one (he loves all animals, but is more a dog person than a cat person, but watching the joy the children got from playing with the kitten really melted his heart).

After dinner, we wandered down to the playing fields and playground. Lee and Joseph played football, whilst I escorted the others to the play park. After a while we went and found the boys and joined in on their footy game, excellent fun.

Home again, and bedtime for the children, except Tiegan who is having her stay-up-late night tonight so is sat with me here writing a letter to her new penpal.

Oh and work on the flooring is commencing on 2nd October, so we should be ready for visitors the week after next :-D


  1. is the music delirious Jules - I love them :)
    congratulations on deciding to get your kitten :) when will that be ?

    luv dawniy xx

  2. Good choice on the music,I'll be singing it all day now!! Still not a bad thing to be blessing the creator of the whole universe all day:o)

  3. Isn't just soooo frustrating when you can't find a library book! Get's me so het up scrabbling around on the floor, under beds, etc.! So far they've always turned up!

    How exciting about the kitten, can't wait to see some photos when you finally get him/her. Elle