Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Plans and Changes

Again nothing really went to plan today (not very good at this am I?) BUT I still think it has been a fruitful and worthwhile sort of day.

I had a cleaning urge this morning and had tidied and hoovered upstairs before 8am! So unlike me, must be the novelty of the new house :-) The kids helped themselves to breakfast, whilst I set about dish washing, and window cleaning.

We then set off for a saunter up to our local shop (about a 10 minute walk away). Callum has started walking a little more when out and about, so we didn't take the pushchair. Not the best of ideas considering the rain was starting, but he had fun ambling along getting wet even if the rest of us didn't.

Home and lunch time, followed by my spending too much time on the computer (must stop daytime computer wastage), and then a "quick" clean of the bathroom which turned into a 45 minute job for no other reason than I'm a bit of a perfectionist and hate to see a job half done.

Once that was completed we sat together and read the Bible and said Prayers. The children then started on handwriting practice. Chelsea copied a few poems, whilst Tiegan and Joseph did a few pages of workbook each. Tiegan then started to do a few dot-to-dot pictures which was a first for her and she really enjoyed them.

Dinner was next on the agenda. I am running out of ideas for food as we still don't have a cooker! Never again will I take it for granted. Still, tonight we managed sausages and vegetables (we have a tiny table top oven which somebody very kindly loaned us, but sausages is just about all that we can fit in it!) We do have the vegetable steamer though which has been a real blessing. As we all sat around the table to share our meal, we had a real discussion as to how our family life is progressing and what we like/don't like about what goes on, and what we would like to change. Basically we have come up with the idea of the children helping out a little more, just tidying up after themselves really, so that I can whizz through my chores quicker and have more time to spend with the 4 of them. Callum is really struggling at the moment to find his place in the family, and is seeking attention by using horrid behaviour. I know that it is the move and lack of routine that has messed him up, but feel we need to act now before things worsen.

Plan of action is for me to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I hope to do my chores before the children wake up, so I have the day free to spend with them. As it is now, going to bed between 1am and 2am and expecting to get up between 5am and 6am is a little unrealistic. On that note, I shall say goodnight!

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  1. I have been here for a while, every sounds like its going well :0) I can remember being without an oven for while , I did loads of pasta & veg dishes.