Thursday, September 28, 2006


I'm afraid it has been one of those days.

I was really pleased with myself as I got up and did the ironing immediately, then put the lot away. A real first for me! Meant I didn't have to suffer the day knowing it had to be done at some point, so it is a good habit that would be worthwhile getting into.

Then things went a bit strange. Dh came home frm work and asked if we wanted to go out looking for a new cooker and/or a puppy/kitten (see, told you it went strange!) So all plans went out of the window and we ended up driving to various locations in the rain. No luck with any of the searches though, so it was a fruitless journey.

Came home and there was a message from my parents asking us to ring them, so we did and were told to meet them at the furniture store as there was a sale on and the suite we had originally liked (but couldn't buy because we were moving) was back in stock and in the sale. So, we did an about turn and headed back out of the door.

Looked around the showroom, chose a different suite (well a 3 seater and 2 seater) that we preferred to our original choice, and my parents went and arranged the finance side of things whilst I sat trying to control the children. Then things went urgh! I started sweating, feeling dizzy and sick. I went out to get some fresh air, but didn't feel any better. I started to get a headache, so thought I would walk over to the nearby Tescos to get tablets and a drink. Bad idea. Inside the store (which is having a refit so everything is changed around, no quick get what you want and leave. No, instead it's hunt and hunt and hunt for what you want before you can queue up for 10 minutes and leave). I felt like my knees were goin to buckle as I was stood in the queue. The sweat was pouring off me and I felt like I was going to be sick at any moment. The young checkout girl could only sit and stare. She obviously knew something wasn't right, but wasn't going to ask in case I needed help. Rushed through the paying process as quick as I could, feeling I was going to hit the floor at any moment, then headed for the door, unfortunately behind a little old man carrying his shopping walking at seemingly snails pace and in no hurry.

Phew fresh air at last and I literally did crash to the floor, sweating dreadfully. No-one came to my aid. Managed to have a few moments recouperation, and take tablets, before heading back up to the car. Loaded the children into the car, before running over to the nearest bush and promptly chucking up in it (sorry!)

Journey home was horrid. Hot and cold flushes, banging headache, dizziness and sickness. I went straight upstairs and collapsed on the bed completely leaving the children and dh to their own devices. Tried to sleep, but felt so ill I couldn't. Was nice just to be able to rest though. I got up at 7pm so dh could go to bed, but ended up going back at 9pm but still not being able to sleep. I'm having some food and then going back up in a minute to try again, but thought whilst I was up I may as well blog.

Good news is I now have contact numbers for the Scout and Guide groups here so must try to remember to sort that out tomorrow. I have also had a lovely email from the local church, so looking forward to meeting everyone there on Sunday. Finally seems as if we are getting more organised. I think having the floor laid next week, and then the furniture being delivered (7-10 days apparently), things will seem more normal.


  1. oh dear you poor love !!! big hugs and hope you feel well soon !

    dawniy xxx

  2. Anonymous7:14 am

    How awful for you poor you. Hope you feel better soon

  3. Aw Hun, the first time I get to read your blog again and you're poorly!!!
    It sounds awful sweetie and I hope you're feeling a bit better today.
    Lots of hugs xxxxxxx

  4. Hope you feel better soon Jules.

    If you are looking for kittens the PDSA have hundreds of kittens and cats. They are usually cheaper than buying privately, and also have had their ops, injections and flea treatments.


  5. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Aww Jules that sounds really scary and nasty. I hope you feel better soon.