Friday, September 29, 2006

Where does time go??

Today has been so hectic. It started when I was searching the internet for places with cookers for sale and I came across the local paper classified ads online. But I got distracted by an email from the lovely Emma who I am overjoyed to say is now back online again. When I went back to the search I found a cooker for a good price (we just want a simple cooker, that we can cook meals in/on nothing fancy). I rang up the seller to be told someone had arranged to see it, but I gave my phone number just in case. Just over an hour later, the phone rang and it was about the cooker. The viewer hadn't turned up so it was my turn next. Dh was out helping someone to move house, but he had left me the car, so I arranged to view it. I loaded the 4 children into the car and started off, only to remember that dh had borrowed my cash card last night and hadn't returned it. Huh.

Not wanting to let the woman down, nor miss out on the cooker, I continued over to Paignton to view it. Turned out to be just what we wanted and in reasonable condition. Managed to persuade the seller to hang on to it for me (I didn't even have anything to leave as a deposit), and promised to return with money and dh to help shift it.

Came home and there was a message to say that my parents were coming over and bringing my Aunt and her husband with them. My Aunt is a notorious house fanatic, whose homes are always immaculately perfect both in cleanliness and decor wise. I hurriedly tidied up what I could and waited for them to descend on us. All was fine, Aunt loved the house, and gave it the seal of approval (Not that it matters of course, but it's always nice to get compliments isn't it?)

Once they were gone, time for a cuppa before leaving to pick up the cooker. The very nice woman had kept it for me, despite having people begging to have it from her (she was literally saying sorry to someone on the phone when we arrived). We are now the proud owners of an old, but okay, cooker. It works! I have cooked Spaghetti Bolognese on it tonight and it tasted goooood! More so because we have lived on such junk recently. I am so looking forward to cooking. Yes, I really said that! I've gone from a strange creature who detested cooking, to someone that really wishes to be that perfect housewife and come up with delicious, wholesome nutritious meals for my darling husband and beautiful children. Well something like that anyway. *grin*

So that is our day pretty summed up really. Hectic, but fun. Oh and the lounge suite is being delivered tomorrow!!! What happened to the 7-10 days??? Still, lovely to have somewhere to rest my aching feet after all that cooking ;-)

I am feeling totally fine today. Thank you for all of your lovely concerned messages, and get well vibes. They were very much appreciated.


  1. Glad you're feeling so much better today. Your little bug sounded horrible. Elle

  2. Move over Anthea Turner...there's a new perfect housewife in the form of Jules!! ;-)

    Glad you got the cooker, it sounds great. Hope the delivery of the suite went okay and you're now sat on it with your feet up having plenty of R&R!! Enjoy! :-)

  3. Thanks Elle :-) Feeling totaly fine now thank goodness!

    Emm, the suite didn't arrive. The lorry broke down aparently, so still no comfort zone yet!

  4. Lovely entry,Elle,
    Life can be so busy, and little delights like meeting kind people, finally getting the cooker you want and cooking spaghetti, can fill one's soul with gratitude.

    Enjoy your new home and kids!