Wednesday, October 04, 2006

An animal sort of day...

Dh came home from work this morning and asked if we wanted a ride out to the local garden centre. Now this is an all singing all dancing sort of a centre, and no longer a place "just to get plants" but you can now buy all and sundry there. Everything from kitchen bits and pieces, to foods, from pet stuff, to fishing equipment, from handcrafted items to clothing, all are catered for.

We browsed around for a fair wee while, but were very good and didn't buy anything. We then headed over to the Birds of Prey centre which is in the grounds (told you it was all singing all dancing didn't I?) Had a lovely look around at the awesome birds, before going back to the car.

Travelled a little further along and stopped at the Animal Rescue Sanctuary nearby. Left feeling very sad and upset at not being able to offer any of the cats or dogs a home as they won't rehome to families with children under 5. Such a shame. There were 3 dogs which we all fell in love with, and it looked as though the feeling was reciprocated. It was dreadful having to leave them in kennels when we have such a lovely home to offer them, with unlimited love and huge amounts of playtime and exercise. Never mind, rules are rules I guess.

Since being home, Joseph and Chelsea have played outside, and Tiegan has been on the computer. I have tried to get hold of the Cubs person I need to speak to about a local group but no luck yet. Joseph is getting worried we'll never find out when they meet (he is very dramatic about things at the moment and tends to think the worst), I guess he is further saddened as Chelsea is starting Guides on Friday. Tiegan is already talking about joining Rainbows when she's 5 so at least I have plenty of time to arrange that :-)

Tonight I'm having a lazy night, although I may re-arrange the kitchen cupboards if I get bored *grin*.


  1. if thats a garden centre near you I think I might know the one,We go there. Quite alot to do for free,coffee's not bad either!

  2. ooh, good news about guides :)