Thursday, October 12, 2006


We now have flooring in the lounge, in the hall, in the kitchen and in the dining room. There are places that need to have the edges fitted with trim yet, and some of the skirting boards in the dining room need replacing, but wow, the place looks great.

We have had a really lovely family day today. Started off down in the "school room" discussing the months of year, the seasons, and signs of Autumn. I was really pleased with the effort that the children made, they put a lot of thought into what we were talking about and the answers they gave. We talked about it getting darker earlier, so the days seeming shorter, hibernating animals, the changes in temperature and weather, migrating birds, Autumn colours, and Autumn sounds (rustling of leaves, wind, etc). The children drew pictures, and I put up a poster displaying symbols of Autumn. We read a poem about Autumn, and discussed it. We looked at the words in the poem, and how words rhyme even when spelt completely differently.

Stopped for a break, and we read Lemony Snickets book 12 in preparation for book 13 coming out tomorrow.

Then we went off out to explore our local farm shop. It's a real gem, certainly somewhere I can see us returning to, possibly on as much as a weekly basis.

We then went to Pizza Hut for lunch which was yum, and headed home via a No Frills store where we stocked up on various items from Pavement Chalks, to Workbenches.

Home to check on the flooring progress. There is only the playroom to be done now, along with the trimming of the other areas. I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat, I can't believe we actually live here.

We went back into the "school room" where we chatted about the Harvest, and what Harvest Festivals represent for various religions. Chelsea and I exchanged school days Harvest Festival memories which was lovely, and we talked about how the schools would collect food and give it to the elderly. This led to a discussion about poverty and starvation, which in turn led to charity organisations and their work in various countries. Lots of really thought provoking chatter went on, ending with Chelsea declaring "Don't spend it, send it!" and she told me all about how when she is older she is not going to spend her money on non-necessary items, but is going to send her money to charity. She also said how she admired the charity workers and would love to do something similar one day to make a difference to someone's life. We talked about the unfairness of things not being shared out equally, with those who have got lots often getting more, whilst those with little get less. All in all, I think we have had a very fruitful day, and certainly it is one which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

This evening we have started a new thing, with Chelsea, Joseph and Tiegan coming to me in turn and dictating a story whilst I type it for them. The results of today's storytime are posted below, but it was something that each child really enjoyed doing and readily took part in. It is also a lovely chance to listen to their imaginations running wild and sharing individual one-to-one time with each of them. The "rule" was that non of the others were allowed into the room where the stories were being compiled. Once all of the stories had been written, we then gathered together and shared the stories with each other. It was really nice. I really hope that it is something that we can fit into our daily routine and continue with.

We have ended with us all sat together to watch the final installment of Autumn Watch, a programme that we have really enjoyed.

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    Oooh I am looking forward to the pictures. Soundslike you are getting back in to the swing of things