Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chelsea's Story

The Spooks

Chapter 1:

Long long ago, in a land far far away, there was a deep dark forest. In that forest livedevil spirits and ghosts and zombies and kidnappers.Anybody that went in the forest was never seen again.

One day, two children named Chelsea and Joseph, went into the forest and stumbled across an abandoned cottage. It looked rather spooky. The oldest of the two siblings, Chelsea, was very brave and said "Come on Joe, let's go in!" She was all for going in and wasn't scared a bit. "Errrm, I'm not so sure" said Joseph. He didn't like the look of the cottage. Eventually, Chelsea persuaded Joseph to go into the cottage. As soon as they went inside, they realised it looked even spookier than it did from the outside. Suddenly, they heard a bump and a bang, but there was nobody living there! Joseph said "Errr, let's get out of here, errr, it's too scary! But of course, I'm not scared a bit...." Chelsea said, "nooo it's not at all scary", but she was frightened a little bit. "Let's go and explore!" they both said, each trying to show the other how brave they were. So off they went to have a look around. The house looked very small from the outside, but there was a huge curved staircase which had thousands and thousands of stairs, with lots of passages going off from it leading to rooms. It was very dark, and dusty. There were lots of cobwebs. It looked like nobody had visited for years.

Suddenly, Chelsea felt something touch her shoulder. She thought it was Joseph, until she realised that Joseph was in front of her and not behind her! She jumped and turned around, but there was nothing there. "Oh, that's strange" she said, but she continued walking. Then it touched her shoulder again! This time she looked around almost as soon as it had touched her. There stood the most evil looking ghostly creature in the world!! The king of all ghostly things.
"Arghh!!" Chelsea screamed. Joseph was just about to tell her to stop being so silly when he saw the reason for her scream. "Aha, two of you..." said the creature. "The more the merrier" *evil laugh*

The creature lunged at the children and managed to grab hold of them both. He stuffed them into a sack and tossed it over his shoulder.

When the children were finally got themselves out of the sack, they found that they were in the most evil looking room in the house. There was a big couldron bubbling with what looked like some kind of potion. There was a big wardrobe containing a number of unusual looking outfits, and yucky things like powdered bats wings and other such stuff in jars along the windowsill. The window was broken. The whole place looked and smelt hideously horrible.

The room was painted black, so even with the window, it appeared very dark. There were no pictures or anything for the children to look at to cheer them up. After thoroughly exploring the room, they decided to sit still for a while and see what noises, if any, they could hear. After a while, they realised that they had heard nothing, no sign of anyone being around. It seemed as though they had been left alone.

"I want mum!" Joseph wailed. Being the oldest, Chelsea said "Be calm, whatever the situation is, we can deal with it." Inside she was feeling pretty frightened, but was trying to be brave for her brothers sake. "Deal with it?!" Joseph asked. "We have no idea what we are dealing with! And we haven't even got any food or drink!" "Look over here" said Chelsea, pointing in the direction of a cook book on the floor. She had a quick flick through it to see what the ingredients were. "Hmmm, powdered bat wings, eyeballs, blood, crushed glass and claws. I'm not sure that sounds like anything mum makes!" "Yeah, mum puts poison in our food!!" said Joseph. "No she doesn't" said Chelsea, and it soon developed into a long argument about mums food.

"Stop it, we are wasting time" said Chelsea. "Shouldn't we be concentrating on getting out of here?" "But I'm hungry" whined Joseph. "Shhh, listen" said Chelsea. Muffled footsteps could be heard creeping up the stairs.

"Hello my little prisoners" said the evil creature nastily as he unlocked the door. I've got my friend over for dinner. The children could just make out a figure behind him, smaller in stature, but just as evil looking. "Oh no" they trembled.
To be continued....

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