Friday, October 06, 2006


I'm sat here wondering if this is going to be what Friday night's are going to be like for the forseeable future. Outside is wet, windy, pitch black dark and not at all pleasant. I've got to be brave and go back out there to pick up my eldest daughter. She has tried Guides for the first time tonight. Joseph, Tiegan and Callum think it's great. They are stuffing themselves with popcorn whilst we wait, looking forward to being bundled back into the car whilst it's dark. I don't usually drive in the dark so it's a novelty to them, that and staying up later than I can usually stand *grin*. I can't help wondering (or hoping?) if the novelty will wear off 2 months down the line....


  1. I have to walk to Guides and back in the pitch dark too. Last night was not nice and I couldn't even tak our dog as I had to go in for a meeting. I am sort of hoping it wears off. It is to much like school for my liking anyway.

  2. You're not the only, I hate driving in the dark and am dreading the winter months when I'll be driving K to her horse riding each Friday evening. Elle

  3. WE have swimming lessons which mean driving home, rush hour, dark. You're not the only one at all.

  4. Anonymous6:39 pm

    This is the thing i am NOT looking forward to when(should that be if) I pass my test.
    Sounds like a bit of an adventure for all the kids though.