Thursday, October 12, 2006

Joseph's Story


Chapter 1:

One day four kids named Joseph, Chelsea, Tiegan, and Callum, and their mum and dad, came to a haunted woods. They went deep into the wood and found a haunted house. In the house there were ghosts, vampires, a witch, zombies, and ghost pets!

Joseph, Chelsea, Tiegan and Callum, along with their mum and dad went in the house. It was dark, with a few candles. They decided to stay for the night. Suddenly they saw some glowing red eyes. Then a vampire came out from the darkness. The vampire bit Joseph. 2 hours later he turned into a vampire. The others screamed. Joseph was a good vampire.

The witch came and turned Tiegan into a witch! She turned Chelsea into a black cat. A zombie came. He turned Callum into a zombie! A ghost came. He turned mum and dad into a ghost.

To be continued....

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