Monday, October 02, 2006

More shopping...

We have been shopping again! Getting far too used to this spending money business :-) I have bought a few baking bits and pieces, and we went and filled our trolley at Tescos with lots of HEALTHY foodstuffs so feeling rather proud. Well, it was nearly a trolley full of healthy food stuffs until dh saw the 2 tins of chocolate for £10 offer...*sigh*

The weather started off atrociously this morning, but I am now looking out on beautiful sunshine. Life is so good right now :-)

We have decided to try a "positive only" lifestyle. I sat and had a chat with the children tonight over dinner, and I said how sad I was sometimes that their natural sibling rivalry sometimes meant that they put one another down when talking to me. A classic case of this was when one came in and told me that they had nearly finished the chore I had set them both in the garden, but then as they were walking out the door casually mentioned that "We would have been done so much quicker if ............. had stopped messing around and helped!"

That left me with a proud thank you moment one minute and an annoying I didn't need to hear that the next. So for tomorrow the family rule is, if you haven't got something nice and positive to say about someone, I don't want to hear it. Dangerous situations excluded of course! Let's see how we get on. Ooooh, new lounge and hall flooring should be done tomorrow too. *Stupidly Grins with Glee*


  1. Anonymous7:13 am

    Sounds like its really coming together, Im pleased for you.

  2. Hello, I have just started to read your blog. I really enjoy it because we have similar families. I have just started homeschooling so it is wonderful to see how life can be! Anyway the reason for the comment is that we are having the same problem with the chores etc. Only five minutes ago my daughter came to tell me that she was the only one sorting the washing when all 4 were supposed to be doing it!!! I think we will try the same rule - I think we may make it to 8am! :-)
    Philippa x