Saturday, October 07, 2006

No surprises there then...

Chelsea loved her first experience of Guides, I knew she would. So that means that Friday nights will now become supermarket shopping night. I figured I would rather spend my evening trundling around with a shopping trolley (or sitting in the cafe) instead of wasting time and petrol going home and back again without having enough time to enjoy the peace ;-)

I have had a couple of egg orders since re-opening the site yesterday. That has meant that much of my time today has been taken up with making a start on those. My parents dropped by for an impromptu visit which was lovely. So nice to live somewhere that people can just drop in as they are passing, never had that before.

Life is being kind to me right now. I feel as if I have finally entered the happy zone I have been longing for. I don't think I have ever been able to say that before. I love the house we are living in, the area that surrounds it, the people that live near it. I love my husband, I desperately love my 4 wonderful children. I love making friends, and arranging to meet up with "old" ones, I love having a house with space for more than one visitor at a time. I love making plans. I love being me right now. On that soppy note, I shall say goodnight.


  1. So glad to hear you're feeling happy about life. Good luck with your new egg orders. Elle

  2. SO happy to hear you happy. Acknowledging what we've got is such an important part of being happy! Enjoy your little time off to have a proper cup of tea or coffee, to take a walk or read a book, enjoy life to the full!

  3. I'm glad life is good atm for you as well - you deserve it :)