Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Our Tuesday....

didn't go quite to plan due to new pup. I had very little sleep as I either had puppy crying or Callum crying, seemingly in shifts. Due to them ganging up on me, much of my day was spent in a zombie like state.

However, we did manage to get *something* done in the form of maps. We used materials from the
Enchanted Learning Geography section, and included compass points, following directions, grid work, and map symbols. The school room makes such a difference, and the children contentedly got on with their work whilst I was able to work on some egg-cards I am hoping to put on Ebay. We worked in a very relaxed sort of manner, making up songs as we went along. It was fun, and I found myself thinking how the childen would have been working in a school environment. Very different to how we were doing things.

Joseph read an excellent chapter from his new Horrid Henry book he requested when we last visited Asda. I still get a huge amount of pleasure from hearing him read, he enjoys reading greatly now and puts lots of expression into his voice. I still get chuffed when he asks for a book. Six months ago a book would have been the very last thing he would have wanted, as compared to his computer and Playstation games, books were very boring.

I can't go without mentioning Kira, who is settling in just wonderfully. Callum is a little wary (or scared?) of her right now, I think her trying to steal his bottle didn't exactly warm her to him
. Still, they are tolerating each other and Kira is slowly learning that he is the one she can't jump up and play with excitedly as the others will tolerate. Kira thinks everything is hers, and if it isn't hers it's up for grabs. So far she has claimed dh's slippers, and tried to pinch my Dr Martin's (which are bigger than her, but she tried dragging them anyway). She has taken a dislike to the dog we keep outside on the garage roof. So okay, it's her reflection she can see through the door, but she hasn't figured that one out yet. At first she was scared of it, then she wanted to play with it, now not gettng the response she hoped she has taken to barking and growling at it. All very amusing. Training wise, she will sit *almost* at every command, she will give paw 8 times out of 10, and she responds to her name, coming when called. She has only had a few toilet accidents indoors (boy, am I loving this laminate flooring!!), so I'm pleased with that. All in all she is a pleasure to have around.


  1. She's such a cutie Jules. I can't wait to meet her! :-)

  2. Oh, that last photo - so adorable. Elle

  3. Anonymous7:38 pm

    Awww, so cute. Sounds like you are in for a busy few weeks.

  4. aw Jules, she's so cute, saw the photos first then had to come looking for more!

  5. Great photos! And I love the house! Ann x

  6. so cute! glad she is settling in well.