Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday and Monday....

Sunday we finally got around to going to church. Having failed miserably to get there last week due to the weather, I was determined not to be deterred this week. I'm glad we went and tried it. Completely new to us, in that it is a very much more traditional sort of service, in a rather more traditional church, but it was nice enough and I felt at ease there. We will certainly try it a few more times to see how things go.

The rest of Sunday was just spent pottering around the house. I did a bit of personal bible study which was lovely, whilst the children were *ahem* helping dh in the garden.

Today has been a nice enough sort of a day. We went to Trago Mills this morning for general bits and pieces, then popped in to give a birthday gift to one of Emma's boys. We didn't stay for long as they were expecting visitors, but the brief chat we did have was lovely and made me even more determined to arrange another visit soon.

We returned home and Chelsea and Joseph played out on their bikes, whilst Tiegan and I played "hairdressers". She so loves having one-to-one attention, and delighted in us taking it in turns doing each others hair and make-up.

I have finally managed to sort out the Scouts for Joseph, so he is starting there tomorrow night. I am so happy that it is just around the corner from where we live so no night driving necessary. The dear lad is so desperately excited, I just hope it lives up to his expectations.

I had a phone call from my brother to say that work on the flooring should commence on Wednesday, so fingers crossed it does this time. I'm not looking forward to the awkwardness of having it fitted, but it will be worth it. Photos will then be taken and shown off *grin*.

Well, the children all seem to be settled in bed now, so I'm off to the craft room to complete a couple of card orders I have so I can post them off in the morning :-)

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  1. It was so lovely to see you yesterday, and such a shame you weren't able to stay longer. Believe me, your presence for longer would have done me the world of good after the 'visitors'!

    Anyway, can't wait to catch up soon.