Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tiegan's Story


There was a little princess who lived in a castle. A very BIG castle. It was bigger than anybody's house.

The princess's name was Rosie, but everyone called her Rose because she liked flowers. Rosie lived on her own in this HUGE castle. But some other princesses came and looked after her.
Rosie's favourite colour flowers were red, blue, pink, yellow, green, and orange. Those were all her favourite colours.

Rosie had a computer and when the other princesses came to look after her, they all took it in turns to play on her computer. One by one. The other princesses were called Buttercup, Flowery, Sandy, and Princessy.

One day Rosie went to a party. It was a very bad party. It was bad because it was Rosie's birthday but they forgot the birthday cake!!! "You can't do that!!!" said the princess called Rosie. She was very sad because she really wanted a birthday cake. The other princesses went off to buy a birthday cake. Luckily they found one and Rosie was sooooooooo happy!

On another day the castle got smaller and smaller and smaller!!! It shrunk because somebody put a spell on it. It was a bad fairy. He put a spell on it to be evil. The bad fairy didn't like Rosie, he was jealous of her because Rosie had a lot of friends and lots of people liked her. The bad fairy wasn't liked by anybody. He was sad. Rosie was scared because her castle home was shrinking! A good fairy heard Rosie crying and thought she would go and see what the matter was. The good fairy used her pretty magic wand and cast another spell on the castle. This time the castle didn't go smaller it went BIGGER!

Rosie was such a lovely princess that she tried to be friends with the bad fairy, even though the bad fairy had been horrid to her castle. She made the bad fairy a cup of tea, and they sat down to talk. The bad fairy told Rosie that he had been horrid because he had no friends. Hearing that made Rosie sad because Rosie had lots of friends but the bad fairy had none. Rosie thought "Maybe I should be the bad fairy's first friend!" so she asked what the bad fairy's name was. His name was Speller because he casts spells.

Rosie found out that Speller was 12 years old. He had had lots of birthdays. His birthday was the day after he shrunk the castle. Rosie thought it would be lovely to have a party for Speller as it was his birthday and no one had every given him a birthday party before. Rosie made sure they got a birthday cake for him. She told her Princess friends, and they all thought it would be nice to get Speller some presents too. On his birthday he was 13. Speller was sooooo happy that he was given a birthday party for the first time ever and had lots of friends to share it with. He had the birthday cake all to himself though, that wasn't very nice, but it was better than him shrinking the castle!!
To this day Rosie and Speller and all the other Princesses have lived happily as good friends.

by tiegan aged 4

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