Friday, October 20, 2006

Well it was his mess!!

I have had a really fruitful morning, so feeling very pleased with myself. I have cleaned and tidied, washed and hung out two machine loads of washing, played with next doors kitten, fed our animals, and sat with the children to devise our new timetable.

The timetable is nothing special, nothing strictly set in stone, but something we can work towards. I've lost count of the number of times we have tried timetables and failed miserably at sticking to them. I have made so many plans and then got cross when we haven't finished something on time. I have decided that enough is enough. We can have a "plan" but be relaxed about it and use it as necessary. We, as a family, are useless without some sort of direction. Without some sort of idea what we are doing, we end up wasting the first few hours of the day, watching TV, or spending too long on the computer. Before we know where we are the whole day has vanished and become just another day in history, and we have accomplished nothing. I can't do that anymore. Days like that lead to boredom and unrest in the household. The children bicker, each getting on the others nerves. I lose my temper at having to listen to the constant bickering, and we generally go round and around in a horrible pattern of irritability and stress. Just adding some direction to our day changes that. I know it does, it has in the past, and I'm proud of our past achievements. I want that time back again, so here we are. Back to timetable following, I'm just sad that I haven't implemented it sooner.

Right, off to clear and sort out the school room....

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