Sunday, October 01, 2006


the lounge suite didn't arrive yesterday due to the lorry breaking down. They are meant to be delivering it today, but as we are yet to hear from them regarding a time, it doesn't look likely.

So instead of waiting in all day yesterday as we had planned, we went and did a bit of food shopping. Stocked up on frozen bits and pieces, and lots of fruit and vegetables. Yum.

This morning I had planned on going to church with the children. However, we have a leak!! Groan. We woke up to find the carpet and curtains in our bedroom wet through, and with the rain pouring as it was this morning, I thought it better to stay here and sort out the mess. Sad, because I was really looking forward to going and seeing what it was like. Still, always next week I guess.

Today, well I have a lovely Sunday dinner to cook, and we may well make some cakes. Hopefully the furniture will arrive and we will be able to chill out this evening in comfort :-)


  1. Hope you sort your leak out soon as there's more rain on the way! Elle

  2. hope your furniture comes today - it's awful waiting in for things that don't show!