Sunday, October 01, 2006


"WOW!" Is what has been ringing out in this house this evening. The reason being the lounge suite did arrive after much chasing up, and the room has really come together. I have never had a room that I have been proud of, but this one I really am. I am not going to take any piccies until it is finished. We are having the floor done tomorrow, and then we have a few finishing touches to add, so photos should be available on Wednesday :-) Still won't have the main light fitting or curtains up though lol. I've been laughing at myself , because whilst sat watching TV tonight, I kept glancing around the room with a big grin on my face. It feels so nice. Simple things pleasing simple minds and all that.

We ended up inviting my parents over for lunch, and they stayed for much of the day. We have been talking about them moving house and looking on the internet for examples of what is available. My dad and dh have checked out the guttering for reasons for the leak, whilst mum and I sat nattering about window dressings and other house decorating stuff :-)


  1. So glad you like it!
    Liking the place where we live is so important. For a mother of 4, resting may be rare, but it is essentila for your wellbeing. So, go ahead and enjoy!

  2. It sounds fantastic Jules!! You enjoy it all as you and your gorgeous family really deserve this lovely house and opportunity to make it completely and utterly yours.
    You sound so happy - it's wonderful :-D

  3. lovley post, glad its coming together :0)