Tuesday, October 31, 2006


where has the time flown off to?
I can't believe it is a week since my last blog. Certainly doesn't feel that long. I guess my time has been taken up with this little darling...

She is a real sweetie, and I no longer feel broody for human babies, I want puppies! *grin* She is settling in just fine. We are itching to take her out into the big wide world, and have a "counting down to walkies!" chart to cross off the days. Just another 15 days to go...

I really wanted to record Kira's life with us, but didn't want to blog about it here, so set up a separate blog so I could write about her to my hearts content. If anyone is sad enough to want to peek, please feel free to look
here. The original idea was for the children to join in with the blogging, so it would chart their experiences with her too, but that hasn't happened yet. Never say never though, I'm working on it!

Other than lots of puppy care, we have been dabbling in various stuff. We do Maths in some form or other each day, sometimes "real life" stuff, other times workbooks. We have been reading lots, and discussing such things as climate change and global warming thanks to recent news reports.

Today I spent much of the morning at the next door neighbours, discussing our landlord (ie. my brother). They were very positive about him, so all is good. I made a fuss of their gorgeous dogs (an elderly Jack Russel, and a mad 8 month old Springer Spaniel, the latter of which they got just a few days after we returned with Kira). After lunch we went to the school room where Chelsea worked on equivalent fractions, Joseph did some word-endings work, and Tiegan did a bit of simple addition. We also talked about Halloween; traditions, history, and stories of.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get all jobs and work done in the morning, then off to
Em's in the afternoon, truly can't wait! Will be weird making the trek over there though, it was only a 5 minute ride away from the old house, so I must ensure we leave early enough!

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  1. Yep, better not be too late. My lot will be waiting on the doorstep for your arrival, lol!! ;-)

    Can't wait to see you all :-)