Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another birthday almost over....

So Chelsea is 11. Yes, it does make me feel old. I have been a mum for 11 years. That's scary. It is the longest I have stuck to anything...well apart from my marriage, and being a daughter of course ;-)

As far as birthdays go, this has been a quiet one. The friends we would have invited for a party are all out of action for one reason for another, so we didn't try to arrange anything. I have promised her a party next year though, so write the date in your 2007 diaries folks :-)

Chelsea has been very happy all day though, and we have tried to make it as special as possible on our limited budgets. I made her this card:

which she said was very special, and I know it meant alot to her.

We had my parents round for a party type picky food late lunch / dinner. And we basically had a lovely family get together full of laughter and chatting. Really nice.

It was a strange year for buying presents because she didn't want any toys. Obviously a sign of growing up. Instead there were requests for books, clothes, and girly type make up (ie, glittery lip glosses and nail varnishes). It felt weird not hitting the local Woolworths on a pressie hunt.

I have finally got around to making a few Christmas cards. I am really not in the mood for Christmas this year and am finding it really hard to summon up any amount of enthusiasm for the coming jolly season. Maybe when the stress of providing everything on very little money is over I will be able to enjoy it. At the moment I just think of the cost and worry about how we will afford it.

Anyway, a few piccies of the cards ...

The dark blue angels card in the middle has been sold already :-)

Well, Tiegan has gone off to stay at my parents for the night. Chelsea has twisted my arm to let her stay up late, and I think I may well go down to the craft room and make a few more cards.


  1. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Happy birthday Chelsea! I remember when Becs turned 11 and wanted books rather than toys. I loved it. We overcame the skint Xmas problem a few years ago with a 'home-made or second -hand Xmas'. There was a bit of rebellion, but it has been the Xmas most remembered and everyone is looking forward to doing it again this year. We could remember all our pressies, and they have all been kept (which is pretty unusual). It certainly solved the money side of things.
    Beautiful cards !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know how you feel. My eldest turned 11 in June and has started high school! Jude was 10 last week. I'm starting to feel old! What happened to my babies???

  3. Just popped by to wish Chelsea a very Happy Birthday (sorry its a bit late!)

    From Lin, J and M x