Thursday, November 09, 2006

Can things get any better?

Well, yes of course they could. We could of course win the lottery on Saturday and never have to worry about money again....but that aside, I'm feeling great at the moment.

Dh arrived home from work this morning with a bunch of flowers. For no other reason than he loves me. Wow, that was a great start to the day! He then went on to tell me that he has been talking to a chap at work that lives nearby, and they have arranged to car share. Dh is going to pay this guy £10 a week to be driven to and from work each day. That saves us £40 a week!!! The next bit of great news came when dh told me that another guy at work was giving us his old car. It's only an old Volvo thing, but it means that we will have something to drive when our car is being looked at / gives up, whichever comes first.

We popped out to buy Kira some tennis balls to play with as she is ruining the swingball one with her chewing, and when we got home my brother was waiting for us with this picture:

Now it might not be to everyone's taste, but those that know me with know how much our old Bull Terrier Jacko meant to me. This painting is wonderful and I love it.
This afternoon we made a start on our Aztecs project. Chelsea and Joseph found Mexico on the map and globe...

and we talked briefly about various aspects of Aztec culture. We discussed daily life, food, clothing, temples, and their gods. Of course both children were really only interested in hearing about the human sacrifice rituals *rolls eyes*.

I left them to continue with "work"; Joseph typing up information on the laptop, and Chelsea doing pictures, both for the project. We have decided to make use of the school room and do a wall display this time instead of our usual lapbooks or filed projects.

I have just printed off some photos of Kira and a letter to the family whom we got her from. I said I would keep them updated on her progress and as some of the recent photos have come out so lovely I thought I would send them some. She had her 2nd lot of injections last night, so we are counting down until she can be taken for her first proper walk in the big wide world. Great excitement here.


  1. you sound so very happy , I'm really pleased for you :)

  2. It sounds perfick :-)

  3. Sounds lovely! I like the painting, but then I love Bull terriers, atm we have a lovley Bull Mastif!

  4. sounds like a wonderful day!

  5. I just love the picture. Glad all's going well. Elle

  6. The picture is stunning. I really like it. I have a passion for bull terriers too, ever since our old Bob. He was gorgeous, and rather batty. Yes, I really love your new painting.