Monday, November 06, 2006

An outdoor kinda day...

We are thoroughly making the most of the nice (but chilly!) weather and newly puppy-proofed garden, by spending a great deal of time outdoors. After the initial cleaning spree of the morning, we put on our coats (except Joseph who is still insisting on wearing T-Shirt and Shorts!) and started tidying the garden. This tedious job was made a fraction better with Kira being around as her antics were most amusing.

Sweeping up with a dog on the end of the broom is quite funny (she does the same when mopping up but is terrified of the hoover). She helped me dig out some plants we no longer wanted, although at one point she was digging so frantically we were worried what she might find! Kira then helped to carry the leaves and plants to the compost heap.

Of course, a day in the garden wouldn't be complete without a visit from "that" cat. Just to show that he is a real tease, here is a piccie, complete with his tongue sticking out...

Luckily, he didn't get stuck anywhere today.

A quick visit to the library, where I confessed to us losing a book. The response from the librarian was wonderful. She insisted that we couldn't possibly have lost it, so renewed it again to give us extra searching time. The last time we lost a book at our old library I thought we were going to be shot at dawn!

After lunch we headed to our nearest pet shop, which I had been reliably informed was a
Royal Canin stockist. Now this food is expensive. I am well aware of that, but having done a fair bit of research and asked lots of questions, I feel it is the best for Kira, so sod the cost. Anyway, we walked to the store as it is only 10 minutes away, although I've never been there before. We (Tiegan and I) found the Royal Canin products and they only stocked the large 15kg bag of the type we needed. I asked the assistant if they had the 4kg bag but was told no, so asked the cost of the 15kg bag. "It's expensive" came the reply. Erm, I know that. I told him that I know it retails at around £40 but varies from store to store, so how much do you sell it for? "I can check, but I know it's expensive, very expensive" was all I could get out of him. I was getting the feeling he didn't think I could afford it (bloody cheek, but wouldn't be the first time!), so asked him to check his computer or whatever he needed to do to find out the price of a large bag, and I KNEW it would be around £40. He did so (after tutting and telling me it was expensive...) and it was £38, just what I imagined it would be. He even said it in the "hmmm, it's £38 see I told you it was expensive..." crappy way. So I said thanks, but as I didn't have the car with me I couldn't take one. I know the store offers delivery, but wasn't going to ask, and as it wasn't suggested I left. Never to return, despite the convenience.

We instead went to another store, just a 10 minute drive away and got exactly what I wanted, with lovely service too. I know where I will be returning to in future.

A couple of outdoor piccies just for the fun of it...

Chelsea stayed at my parents last night, and I'm presuming tonight too as she isn't back home yet! Peace reigns throughout the household in her absence ;-)


  1. I *hate* it when ppl are that rude in shops. Worst experiences I got were when we were house hunting and going round the showrooms for new developments. It was apparent that I didn't look like the kind of person who would have the job I had then (bank IT) and the change in their demeanours when I mentioned my paygrade (it's all pretty common knowledge around sheffield) was always rather marked.

  2. What a patronising idiot. Serves him right for losing your custom!

    Love the piccies - both soooo cute :-)