Monday, November 06, 2006


I'm exhausted! We have had a fun weekend with the pup. Didn't go anywhere exciting as Kira is housebound for another 10 days yet, but we had fun anyhow.

Saturday we played hunt the doggy bowl. Kira's got two, and Callum rather likes playing with them.
Anyway, one went missing so we started the search believing Callum had hidden it somewhere. We looked in the bin, in the kitchen cupboards, upstairs in the wardrobes, under the beds, down the toilet, behind the sinks, searched the garden, etc etc. No luck. We spent much of the afternoon searching. When Kira's dinner time came, I picked up the bowl to find....two! One was inside the other. DOH!!!

There was a load of fireworks in the area on Saturday night, but Kira was a star. They didn't bother her at all.

Sunday, and we thought it about time we truly puppy-proofed the garden so it was off to the local DIY store for netting. As we were out in the garden,children and dog in tow, a cat decided to come along and "intrude". Kira saw it off within seconds (not viciously, I think she just enjoyed the chase!), but the cat was back shortly afterwards. This time Kira chased the cat up a tree
and it couldn't get down. It tried to climb onto some very thin and bendy branches but slipped and after clinging on for a few minutes, she fell. Luckily I was underneath and managed to catch her.

Supervising the dog and the cat was pretty much a full time job for the rest of the afternoon, until I went indoors to make a cuppa. As I came out again I was witness to Callum falling down a step and banging his nose. Result? Blood everywhere due to a nosebleed that lasted a good few minutes.

Last night we had a bit of a bonfire (just burning garden rubbish really, but the kids loved it!), whilst the neighbours had fireworks so we were treated to numerous free displays

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  1. Aw Callum, not more war wounds?! He's really got to *that* age, hasn't he?

    Give him a big hug from me. x