Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Catch Up...

Christmas Eve

Was of course Joseph's birthday so double excitement in the household. He woke up predictably early, and set about opening his presents.

He got the Happyfeet game for the PS2 and that was him done for the day :-) We didn't see him again until it was time to eat. My parents came over for a little party tea in the afternoon which was really appreciated. It is such a funny time to have a birthday, with everything and everyone around you focusing on Christmas. I often feel as if his birthday gets lost in it all somehow despite our efforts.

The Big Day

Got off to a slightly spooky start when dh heard footsteps and cupboards opening and closing at 4am. Thinking it was Joseph (the early riser of the household) dh started downstairs to tell him to keep his hands off the pressies and be quiet! Imagine dh's shock (and horror?) when Joseph followed him down the stairs...

There was nobody downstairs, but dh swears blind that he heard definite footsteps and cupboards opening and closing.

Moving on, and we were up at 6am, sat in PJ's, opening pressies.

Even Kira didn't miss out...

After the pressies were opened, the kids played and the adults tidied. Successful presents this year included the inline skates:

The dressing up outfits:

The toy aeroplane:

and a simple football :-D

My parents and brother arrived for lunch. It's the first time I have done the family Christmas dinner thing. We have always gone to my mums house, and she has set very high standards. We were on a budget so couldn't do what I would have liked, but the table looked okayish. No one commented on it though (except the kids, they thought it was beautiful!), so I'm presuming it didn't impress lol.

After dinner the boys went to play football outside. My parents bought Joseph a goal net for his main Christmas present. To say he was thrilled is an absolute understatement!

All in all, it was a pleasant enough day. I didn't like playing hostess too much though, time just whizzed and I don't have a lot of memories of it. I usually love playing with the children and their toys, but this year didn't have time in between cooking and washing pots, and ensuring everyone was happy. I prepared what I could the day before, so it wasn't so much the organising that was the problem, more the amount that needed to be done when other people are around!

Boxing Day, aka Tiegan's 5th Birthday.

Tiegan was very excited at turning 5 :-) She awoke very early, and proudly announced to everyone that it was her birthday. She dressed up especially for the occasion,

and excitedly opened her presents.

Her favourite gift from us was a doctors set, and she hurriedly set about ensuring everyone was happy and healthy for her special day.

In the afternoon we went over to my parents house for a little birthday tea. They had a wonderful present for Tiegan. I just know that it will become a treasured item for years to come.

It's so lovely to live in a house where we have room for such a thing! It has taken pride of place on the landing :-) Ready to be played with, looked at, and loved.

27th December

Uh-Oh. Things did not start off well. I found myself reading the county councils website detailing school admission procedures first thing in the morning. All sorts of things were whirring through my mind. Lots of reasons why the children should go to school. Admittedly, many were for my own selfish reasons. *I* want more ME time, *I* want to have more time with the animals, *I* want to make more cards to sell, *I* want to meet other mums in the area, bloody 'ell, *I* even want to do things like ironing at a decent daytime hour, without the children clambering all over the ironed clothes, instead of having to wait until 9pm when they are all in bed!

The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was it was a good thing. We have done very little accademically this year, with the moving upheaval and uncertainty. The children can't be bothered to do much anyway, I think they have got out of the habit now and enjoy just doing their own thing all day. I thought about how each child would be. Knowing that Chelsea would just fall right back into the system, no worries about that. Joseph, wouldn't struggle now. His new found confidence and experience of cub-scouts has shown me that. Tiegan, would love it. She would love making friends and showing off her "work" to the teachers. Local friends was the other reason. I know the kids would love to have their friends back to our house after school, and to see them at weekends. I often catch them watching the local kids walking past the gate and know they would love to be part of the social scene here.

I would like the peace, and enjoy just spending one on one time with Callum, whom I feel misses out on so much (in some areas, but gains in others with his siblings at home).

Anyway, I went to bed convinced that I would be contacting the local school for placements asap, but woke up dismissing it as a stupid idea and we just need structure and routine again :-) Oh and lots of friends to visit :)


  1. Gorgeous photos of your very special 3 days. :) So pleased life seems to be so good for you in the new house and hope you manage your routine and friends in the new year :)

  2. Well you know you can count on us for lots of visits just as soon as we can :-)
    You've had a good deal of upheavals this year, especially with moving, so it's to be expected that your structure went out the window. Don't beat yourself up about that. You know what you're capable of.
    A bit of 'me' time should be provided for though, so perhaps you can try and find a way of giving yourself some every now and again. You know the children are ALWAYS welcome here to give you a day off for shopping, crafting or sheer indulgence!!

    Anyway, love all the photos. I think the new year is always a time for reflection and within days you'll soon know exactly what's right for you all.

    Lots of love. xxxxxX

  3. Wow - Christmas and two birthdays! Well done you on your budget! I too have had one of those late night moments of thinking about school.. as you say, they usually focus on "me" rather than the kids. Still, finding the time for me to have "me" time, and expand our businesses (which are being seriously neglected), and just general house stuff, IS still valid. Its just a question of getting better at juggling and prioritisng I guess. Have a great New Year. x ps can we come for a visit?!

  4. Wonderful, happy photos. Love the dolls house, it's beautiful.

    Perhaps it's the Christmas break that makes people think, because P and I have also been discussing the possibility of K and B returning to school. This is mainly because of the lack of money in the household and, like you and so many others, the lack of "me" time. Hope you are able to think things through in the New Year. Whatever you decide to do will be for the best I'm sure. Thinking of you. Elle

  5. and just to play devil's advocate - going back to school needn't necessarily be bad! For my girls it has been wonderful and seeing them with their school/local friends over New Year underlined that to me.

    Then again you would miss them terribly and I know only too well how hard it would be for you so don't do it unless you're really sure!

    But whichever way, yes it would be great to see more of you somehow - probably easier for me to travel to you so just let me know when!