Saturday, December 23, 2006


We were out at 7am this morning, to do a last supermarket shop before the big day. I am very proud to say that we are all done and dusted. Pressies are brought, cards are sent, food is purchased, and all are paid for. Nothing has gone on credit cards and we haven't taken out a loan. All has been paid for by cash. Wonderful :-) I am very proud of how we have managed it.

By 9am we were back home again, having stopped off at the pet shop to stock up on food and goodies for the feathered and furry family members. How lovely it was to be home so early knowing we are done.

Joseph's "party" food, present, and card are all sorted for his birthday tomorrow, and Tiegan's are all sorted for Boxing Day. I know feel ready to face the next 3 days of parties :-) Wish us luck!


  1. Enjoy the festive Season, and may you be blessed in all you do. May 2007 bring the realisation of dreams, the birth of new ones, and plenty of fun along the way!

    best wishes, from Ann & family

  2. I've found you!!!!!! Hurrah!

  3. thank you ann and family :-)

    Merry, I didn't know I was lost?! Thanks for finding me :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Joseph! And Merry Christmas to the rest of you for tomorrow, and a very Happy Birthday to Tiegan for the day after!

    Must catch up with you in person in the New Year :)

  5. best wishes for a wonderful christmas and new year

  6. Hello Jules,
    I am impressed by your organisational skills!

    Lovely pics of the family pets, too.

    Enjoy the festive season and best wishes for the new year: Health, Light, Love and Happiness.