Saturday, December 02, 2006

Suppose I Should Update.

Things have been travelling along rather blissfully. Of course Christmas is fast approaching, and I am yet to buy a single present (whoops, that's a fib, I've got ONE but can't remember where I've hidden it). However, the tree has been decorated by the girls today, and we have a colour changing angel on the top of our TV so I'm guessing Christmas is happening in the household after all. Better get used to it.

The days are strolling by, and I am thoroughly enjoying each and every one of them. The time spent at home is lovely. I am spending time with my animals (of the furry 4 legged variety, not my kids!), and the human children are enjoying crafting (currently the girls are making Christmas cards to send to the Early Years list members), reading (Joseph adores Horrid Henry books, I have no idea why *rolls eyes*), and generally doing lots of role playing and Christmas planning. There is a nice feel to the house at the moment.

When out and about, I am getting the same sense of happiness. On Thursday we visited
Emma and her trio, which was as always a lovely few hours. So fab to have someone you can relax with and chat to. So wonderful to be able to be yourself and totally at ease. I dropped Kira off at my parents house whilst we went there. She adores my mum, and I knew she would be happier there than being told off by dh for whining and pining for us. It turns out she did have a lovely time there, but got so excited when she heard the doorbell ring she wee'd on my dad *giggle*.

On Friday we went to Stover Park, and enjoyed the walk immensely. It was Kira's first time there and as such she was overly excited. It was funny watching her quiver at the sight of the ducks, and she amused us all with her trying to walk on water antics to get to them.

Stover has set up a Poetry trail, with a selection of nature themed poems by Ted Hughes

The girls really enjoyed seeking out the poems and reading them aloud. It must count as educational surely?? (I should add that Joseph wasn't with us because he was staying at my parents house. Each of the older 3 children take it in turns to stay for 2 nights at my parents house, so each are totally spoilt and pampered, gaining much needed one-to-one time and a break from their siblings and dare I say it, a break from me!).

The park really is a beautiful place.

And we all love finding the wooden sculpture surprises on the way.

All in all, we had a lovely family time. We fed ducks, jumped in puddles, ran through leaves, and Callum sang almost the whole way round :-D

Animal wise, well Kira is now house-trained, pretty much 99% of the time. She will have the occasional accident in the house, but only really if we are not quick enough to respond to her wait at the back door. She is growing rapidly, but still has the ultra cute factor, judging on how long a 10 minute walk can take when stopped by her admirers.

Mr Whiskers and Ferdie our ratty friends are settling in well. Both have wonderful appetites for whatever they are given (well they are rats so that's not surprising eh?!), and are becoming friendlier by the day. So wonderful to have ratty family members again. I have been looking into the possibility of becoming a foster carer for small animals in need of homes for a charity organisation. We have the space, the time, the love, and the willingness to do it, just need a husband to agree ;-)

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