Monday, December 18, 2006

A week already?

Wow, time has flown by :-) We have been busy with the animals and Christmas preparations, and not doing an awful lot else besides. Our animal count is now up to 8, wanna see?

We have our elderly bunny Jake...

Our Guinea Pig trio, consisting of Shrek...


and Bubbles..

Of course, the ratties, Mr Whiskers and Ferdie...

and the puppy known as Kira..

and our newest addition is Billy the budgie..

Billy has came to us after his owner died and he needed a new home. We are his third home is as many weeks and so we will need to move slowly to gain his trust.

Christmas preparations are coming along. We were planning on finishing off the pressie buying today, but Billy was joining us instead so we put the shopping plans on hold until tomorrow. We have roughly bought half of what we need to, but they are all wrapped so we have made progress! We posted off all the Christmas cards today, so they are all out of the way, and I posted an ebay parcel.

Chelsea and Joseph really enjoyed their last Guides / Cubs meeting before Christmas. Both had a sort of party, although Chelsea's involved cooking Christmas dinner! They are both keen to get back to it in January, and I'm really pleased we have found them each a group where they are happy and eager to go to.

On Saturday we went to watch Cinderella, the pantomine on at the Princess Theatre in Torquay. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the children loved it, so it was money well spent...actually, my parents paid so it was their money well spent ;-)


  1. Lots of "oohs" and "ahs" from the family looking through your lovely furry family members. Have a lovely Christmas. Elle, K and B

  2. hi,you sound as mad as we are!!
    we have a dog,cat(new addition),rabbit,guinea-pig,3 chickens,stick insects,fish and a parrot!! oh and 3 children