Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Why is it...?

Why is it that on the day that Chelsea has got all her enthusiasm back for doing "school work" my mum phones and asks if she can take her out shopping? Humph! Chelsea has been doing loads of craft stuff, lots of Christmas decorations, card making, hama beading etc, but little "work". This morning she announced that she was going to start two projects. One would be about rats, and she went on to say how she was going to study Mr Whiskers and Ferdie, and make up a little diary about about them, a sort of life from their prospective sort of thing.

The other project is going to be about clothing, and what has been worn throughout history.

Chelsea got all her necessary resources together, books, pens, paper etc, and settled down to start, just as the phone rang. The rest of the morning was spent in a flurry of bag packing, hair brushing, and teeth cleaning :-) Ho hum, we won't see her for two days now...

I have finally got around to buying a few pressies for the children's Christmas gifts. I thought it was about time, and have mixed it between a shopping spree in Torquay, and an online shop with Argos. Only a shopping visit to Exeter planned for next week and it should be done.

I am having my mum, dad, and brother over here for Christmas this year. First time we have played at being hosts, as we ALWAYS go to my parents. I hope they aren't expecting too much. I have never done Christmas dinner before, and as I don't particularly enjoy cooking, I'm not looking forward to it. However, my brother has bought bottles of champagne for us to enjoy, so maybe we shall all be too merry to notice. *grin*

Joseph had his Christmas party at the Cub Scouts this evening and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Chelsea has her party for Guides this week too. I can't help feeling glad that they have still had a party to go to as it is the first year we haven't attended a home-ed party which feels weird. Strange what life throws your way and how it changes you and your routine. We will make up for it for it next year. Lots of social stuff planned :-)

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  1. Hi Hunny :-)
    I've just had a read through all your recent posts and a look through all the gorgeous piccies.

    Looking forward to seeing you next week :-D

    xxxxx X