Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to normality...

or as near as we ever get to normal in this house!

I haven't been around much as the past week has been horrendous, and best forgotten, so I am not going to blog about it. Hopefully we can get ourselves back to normal now and on our way with some sort of routine again.

I have decided to take up Cross-Stitching again. I figured it was about time, and thought it a nice way to relax in the evening once the children are in bed. I have just bought this chart off Ebay...and am really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into it :-) Fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow! I have decided to keep a project journal this year which I hope will serve a dual purpose. Firstly, it will be lovely to have a record of the project "growing" and being able to see how long each piece takes to complete. Secondly, I hope it will spur me on to finish the darn thing! I am hopeless at finishing projects and often get bored and then they stay incomplete for months. I'm not going to let that happen in 2007. Hmmm I'll remind myself I said that....

This week hasn't been entirely wasted, in that although I haven't felt much like blogging my days, or chatting to people online, I have been designing a new Home Ed website for people living in the very local area. I am quite pleased with how it looks at the moment, although there is a long way to go before it is finished. I am determined to get *something* up and running for local HErs, just got to iron out the whats and hows of it all.

Today got off to a good start when our membership pack from the Devon Wildlife Trust arrived. We were members a while ago but never managed to get to any events, then our membership lapsed and we never renewed it. One of the reasons for us joining again is so Joe can work towards a particular badge for Cub-Scouts, but we hope to get involved in their events throughout the year. I think it is well worth the money (£2.50 a month per family of 2 adults and 4 children) as it is really good at encouraging the children to think about the environment.

Right, I've got to go and sort dinner out. A nice roast tonight that should be just about done so I must go and dish it out to the hungry hoards.


  1. Sorry to hear things have been rough for you. Good luck with your new ventures - the cross stitch (my sister started one for me in 1999 to celebrate the new millenium - still haven't got it!) and the new website. Elle

  2. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Its good to hear from you again. Sorry you've had a horrible week, hoping things improve this week.

  3. That looks like a lovely pattern Jules.
    I'll keep asking to see how it's coming along, just to keep you on your toes! ;-)

    Nothing like a bit of cross-stitch on a winters evening sat in front of the fire :-)