Monday, January 29, 2007

Fingers crossed...

the boiler will be fixed tomorrow morning so we shall regain our heating and hot water! The engineer came out first thing this morning and *thinks* he has located the problem and has ordered the necessary parts, but I won't get excited until it is working again.

Not alot else going on really. Each of the children have spent 2 days in turn at my parents house having a wonderful time (and enjoying warmth and hot baths!) It's currently Tiegan's turn, and she is due back today. Always really weird *missing* one of the children, especially when we go out of the house as I keep thinking one has got lost!

I took the library books back to the local library on Saturday morning, including one that I was preparing to pay for as dear darling Callum (grr) had ripped a fair few pages out of it. Although I had patched it up as best I could and you wouldn't have known the pages were missing just to look at it, I thought honesty was the best policy and owned up with replacement money in hand. The lovely librarian had a quick flick through, said it was an old-ish book anyway and not to worry about it, refusing to let me pay. How lovely is that? A sharp contrast to our previous library when the money was almost snatched out of my hand when I confessed that a very young Tiegan had practised her drawing on a couple of a library book pages. I really must make more of an effort to use the library regularly. It has a "under review in June" closure threat hanging over it, so the more use it gets the better it looks.

Callum is going through a car mad phase, and adores anything with four wheels. We bought him a little set of cars yesterday and a car transporter truck and he spent hours playing with them. He has such a wonderful imagination and adores making all the sounds, it's very cute to watch.

Chelsea is thinking about going to Scouts instead of Girl-Guides as she is rapidly becoming disheartened with her Guiding group. It seems like they don't actually do much else other than organise stuff for the other groups. Last week she came out saying that they had just sorted out beads into different colours and equal amounts so the Rainbows group could make collages with them. The week before it was doing something for the Brownies group, and the week before that was setting up the hall in readiness for a meeting at the Salvation Army. We got a letter telling us about a *ahem* "holiday" on Dartmoor in February where we would pay £45 for the privilage of the girls spending 3 days at the Guides cottage to clean it in preparation for users throughout the year! Hmmm, no thanks. I'm all for the Guides helping out, but it is really beyond a joke. I contacted the Scouts where Joseph attends to find out what goes on there and it sounds as wonderfully organised as Joe's cub group with lots going on. Apparently there is roughly a 50/50 girl boy ratio so Chelsea won't be the only girl attending, and she is very excited about giving it a go. Of course, an added bonus is that the meeting hut is just a 5 minutes walk away so no more night driving :-) Add to that the fact that it will be local people she is meeting rather than children from the next town, and well, it is plus plus all round really. Chel is giving it a go on Friday to see what she thinks.

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